We design trips that meet your needs, giving you a taste of adventure without running you ragged.

Taking as little of your time as possible, we’ll craft an itinerary that gets you out in the world. We’ll push your comfort zone a bit and ensure you have the luxuries needed for the rest you’ve earned. We’ll sort all the details, allowing you to make incredible memories and stories to share.

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At Chasing the Unknown, we believe that a perfect vacation will have you:

  • • engaging with the world around you
  • • learning and trying new things
  • • relaxing and reflecting
  • • upholding the local environment and way of life
  • • disconnecting from the stressors of work and home
  • • returning with memories to cherish and energy to get back to work

Featured Itineraries:

We customize every trip we plan but if you’d like some inspiration, check out a few itineraries we’ve put together.

Food, Wine, and Fashion in Northern Italy

Looking to explore a part of Italy filled with top-notch wine, world-class food, and still get in some European culture and fashion? Spend a week in Northern Italy, ideally in the fall when white truffles are in season!

Ancient Temples, Island Time, and Underwater Wonders in Belize

Belize is a short flight from many US airports, nestled below the Yucatan Peninsula. Here, you can combine a Caribbean holiday with history and jungle time so you return home with memories that go beyond the beach.

History, Culture, and a Few Lazy Days in Cambodia

If your vacation time is short but you still want to see amazing temples and palaces, experience a way of life completely different to your own, and laze by the water, Cambodia may be just the place.

Planning a perfect vacation takes time, knowledge, and contacts.

We work with a well-established agency in the U.S. and contacts around the world in planning travel so that you don’t fret the details. Every trip we plan is unique because your ideal vacation won’t be the same as anyone else’s. Whether you’re traveling solo, as a couple, family, or small group, we’re here to make your next vacation the best you’ve ever had.

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