The number of temples we’ve visited on this trip is overwhelming and a count I’ve never attempted to keep. Many blend together but a few – like each of the Angkor Wat temples – and Wat Rong Khun are sufficiently unique to stand apart.

 WhiteTemple12 WhiteTemple13Known as the White Temple, Wat Rong Khun was built by a wealthy artist/architect beginning in 1997. In time, he plans to have an entire Buddhist compound on the site and the frame of a meditation center sits squarely beside the temple. Photos are not permitted inside the temple and guards get antsy about people taking too many photos outside – more than once we were yelled at to move on but we’ve done our best to give you a glimpse of this unusual place.


WhiteTemple17 WhiteTemple15

What's Predator doing here?
What’s Predator doing here?
Pinhead, Hellboy and Freddy Krueger's heads?
Pinhead, Hellboy, and Freddy Krueger’s heads?


The golden bathroom.
The golden bathroom.




Just a taste of the mural inside with a bit of earthquake damage. Neo from The Matrix…
... and Kung-Fu Panda.
… and Kung-Fu Panda.


The White Temple's version of a parking cone.
The White Temple’s version of a parking cone.

An earthquake in the spring of 2014 caused structural damage to the temple but in some ways, I think the broken bit at the top is appropriate to this irreverent place of worship.


The White Temple is located a bit south of Chiang Rai and admission is free. If you’re in the area, it’s well worth a detour.

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    This looks so cool! And, dare I say, City Boy Fun Park-ish?

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    Definitely City Boy Fun Park-ish!

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